Inspiration from Favorite Bloggers




Ever have those days where you need some inspiration? A visual “pick-me-up” or something that displaces you from your reality and brings you into someone else’s life? We all experience those days, and I think thats why fashion bloggers are so successful. I am definitely in need of a fashion  dose now, and for all you other style-crazed people ( I know you’re there!) here is something for you too :) These looks are chosen from Kristina Bazan’s blog “Kayture“, Hanneli Mustaparta’s “Hanneli” and from Vogue. ktr_02941The beanie is from HM, and I think it shows how a simple and affordable piece can change an entire outfit. I tried on this Zara jacket hoping it would suit me, but it looked like a bathrobe…Ouch :( Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to adore how well Kayture wears it. She does statement jewelry really well and this mint piece is simply perfect. Hanneli-Mustaparta-Honor-dress-NYFW-sept-2013-30340033-960x723-900x677Some Archives from Hanneli. I love the 60s-inspired dress combined with the round sunglasses. Who knew that a dress that billows out over the stomach would look this cute?Hanneli-Mustaparta-7-The-body-for-Costume-by-Jorgen-Gomnesn-960x639This picture is from a spread on Hanneli Mustaparta in the Norwegian magazine “Costume.”KTR_0043Shot in Paris. While her clothes are from brands such as Zara, HM, Mango, and, they seem super expensive and are really brought to a new level with the infusion of designer pieces. She shows how to look good without going broke. I have (more than once) considered buying that Gucci bag (not that I can afford it…) and I love her take on the thigh-high boot trend. I miss the days when my hair was long enough to tie in a bun like that! Actually, I miss just being able to tie it up. Period.  KTR_0237Matching nail polish and Bag. I love this Louis Vuitton bag in dark burgundy- absolutely my favorite! Couture-Street-2-21_114402536104Who would every have thought of pairing this plaid shirt with ref heels and a brocade skirt? It just works so well! The vespa makes it even better! I sense this was taken in Milan… Couture-Street-2-27_11440475988How do I classify this bag? Luxe lunchbox? What I love about the fashion industry (despite there being many negative traits) is the mix and match of colors, and the weirdest combination of pieces that just works so incredibly well. Who would have thought of wearing an orange lunchbox bag with a purple satin skirt and bright red heels? Exactly.

I hope you all enjoy your fridays!


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