A Glimpse into the Life of a Foodie

 I am such a foodie, and I really can’t deny it. For my first 10 or so drafts for my college essay I wrote about food. I’m not even joking, I wrote about the place I am perfectly content and said it was in a delicatessen. My favorite part was, “Through cuisine, we are encouraged to be brave and try unknown things, to make a leap of faith, if you will. Eating nshima covered with chili sauce around the campfire in Malawi, fermented tofu and beans in Japan, or lye-soaked Lute fish in Norway, I have never shied away from taking risks.”

Long story short, I cut that idea. It just didn’t show enough of me. I wish I could expand on the essay because in total honesty I am such a foodie, but after having worked on it from august to november I feel like its over. It was almost like a friendly breakup; I broke up with my essay…

Just to sidetrack a bit- I’ve been wanting to show you my work space for a while now. I am incredibly at ease up here in my white room and can sit hours with my kindle and tea equipment -I am allowed to call it equipment? Feels kind of like sacrilege!photo 4Okay this is definitely equipment. As you see from my computer screen below I ordered tickets to Wolf of Wall Street! The stupid Norwegian theaters just released the movie, so I’m going with 6  friends to see it tomorrow. I can’t wait!DSCF5004

The end of January and beginning of February is Birthday Season. To those of you who don’t know what “Birthday Season” is, it is the time of the year when we go out to eat almost every weekend to celebrate my birthday, my grandma’s, and my mom’s. As a family tradition we eat at the restaurant of the birthday boy/girl’s wish. Considering that we have 3 birthdays within the time span of 4 weekends, that means a lot of delicious food. As a family we are pretty daring about food, minus my brother who prefers hamburgers and pizza to anything. Therefore, we decided to try out the restaurant at The Thief hotel, called “Fru K,” on Tjuvholmen.

Wow. That is all I have to say. The newly built design hotel is incredibly cool and wonderfully decorated. The interior decorators have played with a mixture of black and bronze and gold, so the entire space looks like an ultra chic, ultra expensive piece of art.The food is simply amazing. They have focused on traditional nordic foods, but just done it so well. The vibe is mellow and the lights dim, so Fru K would make for a really great date place as well! I would like to boast about the pictures I took tonight, but they are NOTHING compared to the real place.

2014-02-03 19.54.50My wonderful parents. Its my mom’s birthday :) 2014-02-03 22.08.18Just an incredibly opulent display of multi-colored Dom Perignon bottles! 2014-02-03 22.10.16Outfit of the night: Metallic Marc Jacobs skirt, Prada booties, and a black DG silk top.2014-02-03 22.10.44 2014-02-03 22.11.33Casual artwork. By the way, note the sequin pillows. Yes please! 2014-02-03 22.12.11This is the best book accessory I have ever seen.

Today has just been one of those great days. While I don’t usually post iPhone pictures [I consider the quality too poor for my blog], I couldn’t help myself this time. The place just oozed, radiated, & shone of style and fashion, and was just pure eye candy. In the future I see myself having some high-income job where I get to travel around the world and live in hotels like this. [Do you notice how I always talk about the future? I should probably stop with that, but the university stress is truthfully just getting to my head…] Okay so that might be quite far-fetched dreaming, but I will make it my job to make that dream a reality!

What is your favorite dish and restaurant?



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