Norwegian Winter

Imagine this: A blackness like no other before the first snow comes. No sunlight for three months. A cold that pervades all layers of clothing and numbs your nose.

The Norwegian winter is enough to make even the strongest people sad, gloomy, and sometimes depressed. At least this is what people perceive the winter to be & cause. The reality, in fact, is very different. A norwegian proverb goes “det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig vær” meaning “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” As a nordic country that has 4 to 5 months of winter, we can’t go around being depressed all year. In fact, we turn this time into something great, something positive. We see winter as a time to be with the family, drink tea (or coffee if you’re that type of person) and spend time with friends. The typical norwegian cabin reinforces all of these values as families drive up to the mountains to go skiing, eat good food, and spend quality time together.

In fact, my favorite place in the whole world is my cabin.DSCF0120DSCF0123DSCF0124 Right now there is so much snow that the jacuzzi is COMPLETELY covered, and the window you see on the right is also covered to the top. It is impossible to even slightly open the door! A few weeks ago we crawled onto the roof and took backflips from and jumped into the sloped hill on the other side of the annex. I’m telling you, it was SO much fun. We got completely buried in snow :ODSCF0084As for what I wear in winter, sweaters are basically my staple pieces. Sweaters, scarves, and brightly colored leather gloves! DSCF0094Scarf: Malene BirgerDSCF0106   2013-12-29 15.34.46At Kvitfjell for New Years with Daniel, his parents, Nadine and Nicolay. 2013-12-31 14.18.54New Years day :)2013-12-31 14.21.00       1012654_10152150547046251_2146876848_nThis ridiculously fluffy jacket is from Zara. Black dress from Missoni.      1655926_10152150546976251_710695587_nThis was taken on New Years, outside Ella and Lena Melone’s cabin (they are in the background). We had amazing food, lots of wine, and an all together great time. Couldn’t wish for a better way for the new year to start. 

Winter is a wonderful season. It is a time to spend with family, snuggle, and cave up in our warm houses. You make it into what you want. Sure you can mope around and feel bad for yourself, which I assure you I have done plenty of in the past, but once you’re able to get over yourself you see the magic. I am so incredibly and extraordinarily lucky for my amazing family and friends that fill my life with so much happiness and laughter. Skiing is another thing that comes with the winter, and as a Norwegian I was born with skis on my feet. I’ll be filling you guys in on more of the cabin life and skiing season later. For now, I’m off to finally watch Wolf of Wallstreet.

To end with a funny video, here is something that basically sums up Norway.



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