New York Dreaming

I can’t believe I haven’t shared these pictures on my blog. Nonetheless as they say, better late than never! In the summer of 2012 I attended the Global Young Leaders Conference and spent 10 days in Washington and New York City. After that I spent some days with Hanna in New York, living at her family friend’s (ridiculously) nice SOHO apartment- compete with a turtle, a zen fountain inside, and a giant gold buddha. The best part of GYLC was undoubtedly the people there. I met people who were everything from Australian to Saudi Arabian. I have to be honest, dressing for the conference was pretty difficult. Back then I did not own a single pencil skirt and didn’t know what “over the shoulder” meant. The result? Shopping with my mom and looking for the perfect outfit. I found it (look at the picture below)! but I’m sure this wasn’t what the gylc people had in mind ;) Here with Haya Kamal at the Sheraton in Arlington, right outside Washington DC.L1050342Shirt: Mango, Skirt: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Shoes: Michael Kors L1050343 (1) L1050344Representing Japan.  L1050350With Anna Clinch :) L1050388 (1)Dress: Zara L1050391 (1)Doing some sightseeing, trying to survive the heatwave, and wearing these awful sunglasses :P L1050400 (1)The Vietnam War Memorial.   L1050401 (1) L1050411 (1) L1050413 (1)Walking around in 40 Degree weather was NOT comfortable in a tweed dress. I felt even worse for the guys walking around in suits. Seeing these people enjoy themselves in the sprinklers made me incredibly jealous! L1050414 (1) L1050445So needed. L1050456 L1050470Exhausted from the day! L1050475 L1050477 L1050480 L1050493 L1050496 L1050502Watching Marry Poppins on Broadway :) L1050504Something incredible about NYC is the amazing street artists. This guy was just one of many we saw. L1050514At the UN standing next to the portrait of the Norwegian Trygve Lie, who from 1946 to 1952 served as the first General Secretary of the UN.L1050520I see myself here in the future. Probably not in a neon skirt then, but hey I guess it wouldn’t hurt to brighten things up a bit. The concept of the UN is really appealing to me. Whenever I hear my history teacher Mrs. Boyd talk about her UN days my eyes become wide and inside I implore her to tell more. Yes, I can definitely see myself there is a few years. However, I do NOT want to go into Politics. See how these two clash? Nope, bureaucracy is not for me. Especially Norwegian politics. Oh god no. Here’s a thought: maybe I’ll be the billionaire (yeah right Nora) that they want to consult before collectively investing in Ghana or Kenya because thats where I have a monopoly in some industry. What a dream… :P L1050540The beautiful sisters at Deluca’s in SOHO. I accidentally bought $15 worth of tiny chocolates there. The prices weren’t stated so I just chose the best looking ones.  L1050541 L1050543I mean, common, look at that Passionfruit chocolate. Irresistible. L1050545 L1050550In SOHO L1050558Ice coffee from Deluca’s. Yum! L1050565  L1050588My shopping friend adorned in her new heels from Steve Madden. L1050622Dress: Juicy Couture, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs. Selfies are a must, no matter where you go. Okay, I know that may seem like screwed logic, but it made sense to me at the time. L1050623With KK (aka Karianne) L1050648 Business on the outside with a surprise of party on the ankles. Only in New York…L1050660Yeah I’m sure next time I have some life problems I’ll avail myself of some free advice offered from strangers in Washington Square Park. Hahahahaha I mean the sentiment is nice, but she must be pretty bored with her life! L1050665That name though. L1050669This is probably the best picture from the entire summer. As my dad said, “these guys should probably find another sport.”  L1050678Hanna decided to henna herself with #yolo. I think that really sums up the entire trip!

I had a great summer, and made so many memories. I’m even visiting Nishad, from GYLC, in Edinburgh now to attend the scotMUN university conference and be a journalist for the weekend. Can’t wait!



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