Revisited by Memories

A wave of inspiration just hit me. I was looking through my lightroom album, looking for some decent photos for my “18th birthday” post, when I revisited my Africa pictures. You know what I realized? I haven’t even shared my best pictures yet!

These pictures mean so much to me because they represent possibly the best summer of my life. I’ll post them again later in a better context and with more explanation. For the time being, I hope you enjoy them :)ImageRiding along Lake Malawi.ImageSelfies on Ilha de MocambiqueImageDangerously close to Victoria Falls.ImageMet these adorable children in rural Malawi.ImageImageImageEnjoying the fresh and steamy afternoon air at Victoria Falls.ImageAnd up we go!IMG_2938 IMG_3083My favorite picture from the trip. Taken in rural Malawi.

This trip was indescribable. So many experiences in 3 weeks, it almost makes my mind almost implode at the mass of information from the trip. These pictures are incredibly personal because they mean so much to me. Traveling in Southern Africa seems like a lifetime ago. However, it also feels like yesterday. I guess my past 18 years of living can be summed up like that as well. At some points my memory is stretched out, elongated, and dense with memories. At other periods of my life I scramble for the missing images and maybe the only thing I remember is a smell or a conversation. To be completely honest I started this blog to be able to remember some of the most significant years of my life, and to share it with family and friends. I hope I’m fulfilling my goal!

Until next time!



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