Winter Wonders



In short, I have been very VERY inactive with my blog for the last month. There is so much to share, so many pictures I want to post, and so many thoughts swirling in my head that I feel like I finally have to get back to blogging. Well lets start with the fact that I’m now 18. The day really crept up on me, and I can’t believe I’m finally legal. Speaking of which, I’m going to the vinmonopolet “vin” today to buy lots and lots of wine!! I can’t wait to flip out my passport and swipe my (mom’s) card. While I may be 18, I’m still poor ;) I’m celebrating the big day tonight, with an all-out glamorous party. Think catering and maxi sequin dresses. I can’t wait- although the stress is really building up!


This winter was amazing. Skiing, snow, family, boyfriend, friends, and lots of good food and wine. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are two pictures that basically sum up the skiing of the season. These are just “sneak peaks” of all the pictures to come. Oh an exams went well blah blah I’ll hear from colleges in a few months blah blah, no big deal just the biggest decision of my life so far.

Come back soon to see more!!

1489181_10202161675656162_1978129268_n 1618425_10202161676896193_2111635292_n


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