Outfit of the Day

This morning my mom and I decided to try out her new camera. The aperture is amazingly low and has twice the amount of pixels as my fuji film. This is my outfit of the day. I decided to mix things up a bit because winter hasn’t even started and I’m already tired of just wearing jeans. After peeling myself out of bed this morning (it was one of those mornings) and waking up after sleep walking around for half and hour – beautiful image isn’t it – I decided to wear knee-high socks and my plaid skirt.

Did I mention that this week I am getting an answer from my college application? I swear it is the only thing on my mind- no matter what is happening during the day it manages to creep into my mind. Well lets forget about that right now and just focus on things that are less significant!L1000168L1000167L1000172L1000169Ahh this cashmere scarf is like butter on the skin. So soft and warm, perfect for the biting cold days to come.L1000183L1000173L1000178L1000188

What do you think of the camera?

I hope you all enjoy your thursdays!



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