London Pt. 2

Here is my Part 2 post for London. Many of the pictures in P. t 1 were taken from the Sunday, but I decided to mix up the dates to give a wider selection of pictures in each post. London is truly a unique place and 3 days really is not nearly enough time to see what the city has to offer. In any cases, we did get good tastes of the city, although next time I would love to visit the Tate Modern or the Saatchi Saatchi Gallery, as suggested by Maud. We spent the majority of Sunday walking around and soaking in the city. We walked through James’ Park which is by Buckingham Palace and visited the Tower of London. Being proper tourists, you see!_MG_5677IMG_8332_FotorA genuine english breakfast & tea. My pinky almost pops up at even the thought of it! :P  The subsequent pictures were taken at Harrods. What a fashion paradise… Even the display is gorgeous!  IMG_8335_FotorIMG_8338_FotorIMG_8304_FotorChanel, chanel, chanel, always so glamorous (and slightly scandalous- check out the mannequin’s boobs!).IMG_8348_FotorFashion is really an art form, and if you disagree with me just look at these shoes from Dior. Despite being heels, these actually look comfortable to walk around in. All heels should have built-in cushioning! I guess the fashion gods just want us to suffer, tip-toeing around on our tall stilettos…  IMG_8349_FotorIMG_8351_FotorIMG_8352_FotorA shoe paradise with so many colors, textures, shapes, and sizes!IMG_8358_FotorIMG_8359_FotorIMG_8360_FotorIMG_8364_FotorNext stop: James’ Park. My outfit of the day was focused around staying warm. Hence the autumn cashmere cardigan + wool-lined carvel boots._MG_5656DSCF0240_FotorSo typical English!IMG_8394_FotorIMG_8406_FotorCoffee break at the Tower of London- being a proper tourist. IMG_8411_FotorIMG_8414_Fotor

I had a great time and to be honest it was really nice to go somewhere with my family and not have my siblings fighting all the time, which is usually what happens. We ate good food, I got my yearly dose of fashion, and the nature was stunning. I guess the city is what you make it, and with this final note I wonder:

What do you think about London? What would you make it?

– Nora


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