London Pt. 1

London, the metropolitan city of Europe. History, culture, tradition, and the modern world, mixed into an array of buildings, ponds, stores, nooks and crannies. London, also the city I visited last weekend with my family. The occasion, you may ask; my father and brothers birthdays. On friday we watched “The Book of Mormon”, created by the producers of South Park. It is the funniest and best musical I have ever watched. A combination of  satire of cults, religion, Mormons, Africa, + witty, crude & controversial humor = perfection.

On Saturday we had a king’s breakfast, quite literally with British Tea Time and everything. After the extravagant meal we walked through Hyde Park where we stumbled upon a christmas market. My siblings bought candy worth 500 kroner, and we all had nuggatti banana crepe. Yum! One of the booths at the market was selling “false snow” that apparently “felt like real snow”. HAHA, I will not comment further on the stupidity of that. After that we went to Harrods to buy christmas presents. I bought 2 pairs of shoes, from Carvella and Jimmy Choo. The latter will be in the next post so check for that soon. To come with some sort of concluding statement about London: it was great to spend quality family time,  get a dose of fashion, and enjoy British gastronomy and tea. Enjoy!IMG_8274_FotorOn Friday I opted for my red irk jacket, Zara faux fur jacket, and my Prada booties (again, I underline- BEST BUY EVER). We walked the kilometer back from the show to the hotel, and it was wonderful to see how alive London was at night. People in cafes, at clubs, in bars, in restaurants, in the streets. London is pulsating with life, happiness, and opportunity. On Saturday I decided on some shorter heels, but my feet were still completely swollen by the end of the day. I am so lucky that that is the only problem I have, and am grateful for everything I can and have experienced.DSCF0151_FotorSaturday outfit: Acne sweater, Rag & Bone Jeans, & Vanucci Coat.DSCF0186_FotorIMG_8288 IMG_8295 DSCF0260_Fotor DSCF0254_FotorIt was full on fall in London.  DSCF0252_FotorI bought these great winter boots on Sunday from Harrods. It was a complete impulse-buy, but I do not regret it one second.DSCF0209_FotorDSCF0229_FotorDSCF0245_FotorThis crazy looking stork was just swimming back and forth. All its feathers were ruffled and it greatly contrasted the “put together” look of the swans. DSCF0244_Fotor_MG_5644_MG_5658DSCF0208_Fotor_MG_5660DSCF0228_Fotor 

Model: my Mother, Shoes: Lanvin, gloves: Rome, Cardigan: Autumn Cashmere,


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