How to Dress for Winter

Dressing for winter is difficult. And expensive. Warmth does really come at a cost, but its all about finding the right pieces to stand out. I’ve collected some of my favorite pieces from the season and put them together for  you. Some are more expensive- $1000 Louboutin pumps, and others more affordable $100 Zara booties. I’ve tried to get a wide price range, to show that beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. 

Rule #1) The key to dressing in cold weather is layering. There is nothing worse than looking great but freezing to death, so hopefully I can help show you how to get the best of both worlds.

#2) If you want to stay warm,  NO NO NO acrylic or polyester! This doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on cashmere sweaters, a simple wool blend is just as warm. Okay, so you’re bound to find a beautiful sweater made of acrylic, and by all means buy it, but try not to splurge on winter clothes that contain more than 50% synthetic materials. This will ensure a sweater that will last- TRUST ME, I have had to throw away countless cheap buys.

#3) Invest in warm outerwear. If, like me, you live in a very cold climate, then the biggest favor you can do yourself is to buy a down jacket that will last. It doesn’t matter how amazing you look if you are freezing and feel awful. I have a huge down jacket that I use in -20 C weather, but until that day I will continue using my calf-hair Club Monaco coat. Best buy I ever made.Img_20131108@15_38

Club Monaco Coat
Club Monaco Coat, Nude shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, Sandro beanie and scarf
My favorite coat from Club Monaco with calf-hair details. I bought this last year, and I still love it just as much.
My favorite coat from Club Monaco with calf-hair details. I bought this last year, and I still love it just as much.
Calvin Klein Collection 50% sale- $450
Shearling may be expensive, but it is timeless. Iris & Ink $1605
Shearling may be expensive, but it is timeless. Iris & Ink $1605
Do it like Kayture in this Studio Zara coat for $330
Do it like Kayture with this Studio Zara coat for $330
Zara 1200 kr, $200
Zara  $200
By Zara 2000kr, $340
By Zara 2000 kr, $340
Own it! Best buy! Zara Coat 799 kr, $135
Own it! Best buy! Zara Coat 799 kr, $135
Zara Wool Coat 1400 kr, $240
Zara Wool Coat 1400 kr, $240

#4) Elegance is all in the silhouette of the clothes. Simple V-necks and Turtle neck sweaters always work. A black turtleneck is the most elegant sweater and it suits almost every occasion. It is also a great layering tool because you can wear it under other sweaters, ponchos, or vests. Or like me you can wear 5 layers because your body is biologically opposed to staying warm…

Club Monaco Cashmere Sweater $249
Club Monaco Cashmere Sweater $249

#5) Skirts and wool tights work, and they are beautiful. Cold weather does not mean jeans weather- swap those pants every now and then for a wool skirt and merino wool tights. Pair it with black leather boots and a warm scarf. Perfect!I’m currently obsessed with this Zara skirt. There’s just something about it that says “50s with a modern twist- and owning it.”

High collar shirt: $99

Zara Studio pieces

#6) Scarves, scarves, scarves. If your neck is exposed to cold weather, then there is no use in wearing that cashmere sweater; you will get cold. Invest in a warm scarf. While cashmere is the softest and most delicious to wear, there are lots of wool scarves that won’t break your wallet. Avoid synthetic materials as they won’t do much. Buy something in beautiful patterns as this scarf by Lily and Lionel and Missoni, or simple warm scarves as from Acne.

#7) Uggs are fine for those cold and lazy days, but seriously, get a pair of good boots. If you’re wearing a sweater dress and have put a lot of effort into an outfit, then uggs will just bring the entire quality of the look down. Try to find some boots that are lined with wool or shearling. I find this almost an impossible task, so below I have put a few options. Also, if you can’t find any then buy  boots in a size larger than what you ordinarily get and wear thick wool socks.

#8) Buy a pair of warm gloves. Personally, I opt for black leather gloves lined with wool, but if that isn’t for you or isn’t warm enough, then there are plenty of good options out there. I’m really want a pair of black mittens, such as the ones from Ugg below.

#9) Second hand stores are jewels. Many people donate their clothes once they start to show a bit of wear, but it is usually nothing that a little fixing up won’t fix. I recently found an old Chanel sweater are Second Time Around in Boston. The price wasn’t too bad, but the material itched- hence no sweater for me. But second hand stores are great ways to find designer pieces for less, so don’t hesitate to check out a couple of stores. You may be surprised.

#10) Have fun with it, layering is one of the best ways to show off your creativity and fashion ability! Also, no one will judge you for wearing that oversized old sweater and leggings in winter. In the cold and dark, sometimes the only think needed is comfy attire and a cup of green tea.

Here are some of my favorite sweaters from this season:

Don’t shy away from leather! I’ve been craving a leather skirt for such a long time, and these are great. My favorite is the Iris & Ink leather dress because of the flattering cut. The sweater dress from Zara is also a great piece because it is simplicity gives it great versatility. You can play it up with accessories and killer heels, or play it down with boots and a cardigan.

Any pieces you particularly liked?

Let me know in the comments section below! (PS you don’t have to fill in anything to comment :) )

x Nora


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