Feathers & Gabbana

The other day, my mom and I headed down to an area called “Strand” to take some pictures- partly for her photography portfolio, partly for my blog. Most of the pictures turned out blurry (manual focus failed on us), but there were a couple that turned out fine. The lighting was magical. Orange, pink, and blue bliss seemed to sink down the sky. Fishermen were heading out and birds circulated around them. Although these pictures didn’t turn into what I originally intended them to be, the background is too beautiful for me to throw them in the trash. Ergo, they go on the blog. For this outfit below I wanted to wear something ordinary- ie a wool skirt, t-shirt, and cardigan- but spice it up with a black leather clutch with red feathers and my amazing (can I call my own shoes that…) second-hand Prada boots. Img_20131110@15_50I love this cardigan so much! What you can’t see is that the inside lining is leopard patterned silk. That’s right, leopard! Casual on the outside, party on the inside. Whenever I wear it, I feel like I’m walking around with a giant secret cape, and only I know of the magic it possesses!Img_20131110@15_50-5Cardigan: D&G, skirt: Banana Republic, Shirt: Helmut Lang, Tights: Wolford, Bag: French VintageImg_20131110@15_58-5With this second outfit I opted for something more simple. I naturally chose my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs Holiday-inspired metallic skirt and a simple cashmere sweater. The angle of this picture isn’t great, so the outfit looks better in real life. But how beautiful isn’t the water, the sky and the boat?!Img_20131110@14_59So for something less serious! I love these Fleischer Couture mittens. I want to High-5 everyone when I wear them and they instantly lift my mood in the mornings. Speaking of which, the sun doesn’t rise until 9 now, so I walk to school in the dark. The sun goes down at 3:20 :'( But its fine, because Christmas is coming and Daniel is coming back soon too! :)Img_20131110@15_04I’m wearing a Massimo Dutti knitted cotton shirt and a beige pleated Club Monaco skirt. This was one of the pictures (although reverted to Black and White) that my mom brought with her to the photography class in Rome.Img_20131110@14_58-3This is the whole outfit. I was incredibly mesmerized by the sun, and my mom caught this when I was off-guard- Do not mistake it for me modeling. That would just be too hilarious :PImg_20131110@15_22-3I appropriated my mom’s sweater. It is a turtleneck-knitted-godliness sent from heaven. I paired it with black jeans, black boots, and a thin cashmere sweater.Img_20131110@14_59-3And to end on a fun note; this is the second picture I took of the gloves :)

Let me know what you think! And check out my mom’s website –> here.

x- Nora


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