The Deadliest Hunter

IMG_2812In the Okavango Delta we had the opportunity to see the most glorious thing.  A leopard with a kill.  The funniest thing was that the mother and cub interacted in the exact same way as a cat would with its kitten, or a dog with its cub. Well, my dog isn’t a ferocious hunter that can pull animals up trees… Leopards climb trees to remain safe from other predators such as lion and hyaena, and to rest undisturbed. It also has a good view of the surrounding area.They  often wedge their kills into the branches of a tree where they can eat in peace without being harassed by other predators or scavengers. This leopard had killed an Impala, a typical African antelope, for its evening meal.IMG_2819While we were sitting in the car observing the leopards, a third leopard started gliding around the- might I add- open jeep. I was sitting on the left lower side, and it stood just a few meters away from me. My entire body froze and I was sure that it would pounce. We were disturbing their feast and were certainly not welcome.I was scared I was going to have to pay a price for it. Our guide, Moamo, told me to stay completely still. I was sure it could hear my heart. IMG_2825This leopard was so majestic, but the funny think that struck me was that its body language was exactly the same as my dogs! My labradoodle Hugo sits in our leather armchairs and drapes his paws over the edge, just like this leopard was doing with the tree. He then looks out through the glass window as the garden. Sometimes he thinks that he owns the place. Arrogant dog… And the weirdest thing is that sometimes when he is on the chair, he has a stuffed animal curled under his paws just like the impala. Freaky, Right?! IMG_2829When you hear the word “hyena” images of cackling, evil, disgusting disney animals come to mind. This what came to mind when I saw them as well. And then I actually saw hyenas, and it all changed.IMG_2696  A myth about hyenas is that they are vicious blood loving animals. In fact, the hyenas we saw obtained most of their food from  scavenging. Come on, their face is just so adorable and round!  Compared to the Wild also called “Painted” Dogs (pictures to come later) these were real beauties. They had adorable pups and spent most of their time playing around. Doesn’t the head of this hyena below look like a bear? So adorable! IMG_2709IMG_2697Fun fact- Hyenas are matriarchal. The females are larger and dominate the males! I thought that was the craziest thing, because in nature it is usually the opposite. We noticed them when we were observing them, because it was the female who decided when to eat and a male had to stay behind and watch the children. 

I have lots more pictures to show you guys, but thats all for now! Check back later for more

x- Nora


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