Shoot x The Best Friend

My mom recently set up a photo studio in our basement/cinema room. At the moment she is in Rome, taking a photography course. I wish I was her right now x’s here to the moon! Photography, passion, prosecco. Does it get much better? The other day she was taking some artistic pictures of me for her portfolio, and Anna came over to get ready for a party. Check out some of her work here!

Anyways, this was basically the result of Anna coming over: Music, crazy dancing, and a photoshoot. I’m gonna keep these for ever and ever :)

Img_20131108@18_46-5 Img_20131108@18_44We see you…   Img_20131108@18_42-15Channeling my inner Hannah Montana! Anna just being her model self. Loving the contrast :P Img_20131108@18_42-8

Let me know what you think of the pictures!

x – Nora


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