While driving from Ndhovu Lodge in Namibia to Khwai Tented Camp in Botswana we came upon the greatest surprise of the entire journey.

Was it a cat? Was it a warthog? No, it was the elusive leopard. What an incredible beauty, and what incredible luck that we saw it.

IMG_2523IMG_2519IMG_2526 IMG_2525Many children collect water from the Okavango River. There are crocodiles in the water that occasionally kill humans, as well as hippos that will protect their territory to any cost. Crocodiles are the 3rd deadliest animals in the world with 2000 + deaths a year; hippos are the 5th with 300 + deaths a year.  The pictures below are from the sunrise over the Okavango. It was so beautiful that my tears almost started falling…IMG_2501DSCF7732 IMG_2491Driving through Botswana to the tented camp inside the Okavango Delta. This was the first time we saw huts and compounds scattered along the road. IMG_2477 This was the best road we drove on in the entire trip. This was taken while we were driving in Namibia.IMG_2472 IMG_2834We reached Khwai. This was the shopping center where they sold “liqour”. We had previously stayed in Swakopmund, Erinid Private Reserve, Etosha National Park, and Ndhovu lodge along the Okavango. Khwai was our 5th stop, and the first place were we would stay 2 nights. DSCF7909DSCF7904 Those early morning game drives. It was winter in Southern Africa, and after the sun went down or had been down for a while, temperatures were brutal.  I – of course- had under packed. “Oh yeah, we’re going to Africa. I’ll just bring shorts and tee-shirts.” I obviously underestimated the Southern African morning. Check out the 5th leg of this elephant. Just kidding, its his penis! :OIMG_2807IMG_2776This animal is called a Blue Gnu. IMG_2761 IMG_2758 This was one of the largest crocodiles we saw. Daniel took this shot as we were driving in the Khwai private game reserve an early morning. Morning game drives, as they are called, start at 6:00. You get the sun-up and experience the animals waking up (or going to bed). IMG_2800 IMG_2787 Hello there!IMG_2780Elephants have to eat 300 kg a day, and depending on the temperature, they drink from 100 to 300 liters/day. Above 250 liters a day indicates something is wrong. The tusk of this elephant is worn down, and this often happens are a result of digging in the dirt, fighting, or using the tusk to get leaves, branches, and thorns from trees.


2 thoughts on “Botswana

  1. Rachel

    Hi Nora,
    Your travel experiences sound amazing. I’m the editor of Pink Pangea (, the community for women travelers, and I want to know if you’re interested in sharing your travels in Botswana with our community.
    Looking forward,
    Rachel Sales

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