Fall Sweater Days X Etoile

FALL: It is november 5th. Where has all the time gone? These last two weeks have zoomed by. A little secret- I have sent in my college application! Well, there are at least 8 more to go, but that Early Decision deadline was met! Its so crazy, I remember being younger and thinking “wow, I wonder if all colleges are like Stanford” and watching movies and wanting to grow up like the college students. And now Im almost there. This is just too much to handle. Fashion is a good distraction from all these “life changing choices” haha.


The temperatures are dropping, and with that, my closet is being re-stocked with sweaters, jeans, and scarves. Cashmere, wool, and tea are all officially IN. Dressing for cold weather can be one of the most difficult fashion problems, because lets be honest, you just do not like feminine in that huge down jacket. Sorry to break it to you, but you look like a giant fluff ball. Me included, with my knee length brown jacket. But before the snow comes I can use this wonderful wool jacket that Daniel got me for my birthday last year. With that being said, You can of course look wonderful in the winter. The key is what you wear under those life-saving (literally here in Norway!) jackets.

Today I woke up feeling like accepting the challenge of winter outfits. Therefore, I put together this fun ensemble that will hopefully inspire creative and beautiful winter looks. More of these posts will be coming by the way. I´ve already had a request to publish a shopping guide to winter, and that is already on the way. Hopefully the weather will be nice and I can take some more shots in the weeks to come! —

My mom surprised me the other day with this gorrrgeous blue Isabel Marant Etoile knit sweater. She obviously bought it for herself, but doesn´t that give me the right to borrow it/… steal it/… own it… Because what are mothers for? ;) Side note- I wonder how I will be able to sneak all her clothes with me to college next fall…


I paired the sweater with a black Sandro skirt because of its simplicity and wonderfully feminine scallop trim. I also opted with some sheer black tights as it isnt too cold yet, and wore  my jeffery campbell heels. The shoes were btw an amazing buy because black goes with everything and the height is perfect for a school day (can´t wear them all day because then my flatfooted feet will kill me). I also bought them online, so you can imagine my surprise when they fit perfectly! As you can probably tell, they have been used quite a bit, but the black suede doesn´t actually show that many marks in reality.

I love simple jewelry, but today I wanted to spice up my look with this Ti Sento bracelet that I got for my birthday a few years ago. Bracelets aren´t my favorite because they get in the way of writing and typing, but it was okay for one day. Also, the watch is my baby and I try to wear it every day. Before I started wearing it I had to use 20 seconds at least to tell the time, but I assure you that now its only a quick glance. Ah, all the useful things fashion teaches us… :P


Also note the BREAST CANCER ribbon on my jacket. I am representing my incredibly strong and brave Aunt, Tante Mona. I am so proud of her. This summer she finished all her cures and treatments, so it has been just a few months since her recovery. Kjempe glad i deg!


I tried using a bit more artistic approach to some of these pictures, but the actual photography is thanks to my mom (her photography website is here). Let me know if you like it, and hope it inspires some great winter looks!


I’m trying to get more views on my blog and although I am so grateful for everyone who reads it, I would love some more followers. It would really help me if you pressed the “hype” button- of course only if you liked the outfit!


X Nora


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