The Elixir of Immortals


Okay, so I’m not going to be writing about an immortality elixir, but I will be telling you everything there is to know about Matcha- and after you have finished reading this you will understand the comparison.

As an addict to this tea, I could go on forever talking about the health benefits, delicious taste, and how it is a fantastic substitute for coffee. This sounds very dramatic, but as a tea-lover, discovering Matcha has changed everything.

Matcha the most powerful antioxidant among teas, and researchers at the USDA and Tufts University have determined that matcha is gram for gram, the most powerful antioxidant known to occur naturally in nature. – See more here

ImageIt is also a fantastic hangover and morning cure (because we could all use some more of that!)  For someone who has been going to bed at 2 and 3 constantly for the last few weeks, I think I know what I’m talking about. Unlike energy drinks or coffee, the energy from this tea can last up to 8 hours. This also means that you don’t get that terrible crash after a few hours.

One of the reasons that Matcha is so incredibly health is because you eat/drink the entire tea leaf. The stem and vine is removed, and the leaves are crushed into a smooth and silky powder. This is the most natural form of medicine you can take. There are a number of things you can make with Matcha: tea, smoothies, cakes, latte, etc. etc. etc. My favorite is the tea but when I need serious energy I make a banana-matcha smoothie. Very simple, and very delicious.

The bamboo whisk used to stir Matcha is part of the traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony.
The bamboo whisk used to stir Matcha is part of the traditional Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony.

Okay, so now that I’ve convinced you that this tea is vital to your survival, let me convince you some more with these facts and figures:


Here is a list of some of the healing powers of this tea:

1) Longevity: studies have been conducted over the last 11 years that show that there were significantly lower deaths among people who drank 5 or more cups of green tea a day.

2) Protection Against Heart Disease

3) Protection Against Diabetes

4) Cancer Prevention- although this is controversial, there have been numerous studies that have been conducted that give evidence to the fact that healthier diets and the consumption of green tea can help prevent cancer.

5) Improved Memory- to all you fellow students, I’m just saying, this is just a miracle in a cup.

6) Increases Exercise Endurance- Catechins in green tea increase metabolic capacity and the use of fatty acids as a source of energy during exercise.

7) Increases rate of calorie consumption- matcha is a great slimming tea because it increases the metabolism over a 24 hour period.

8) Calorie-free- that’s right, only 3 calories.


Immortality comes at a price (love the metaphor? haha) so it costs about $20 for a tin can. (The tea is stored in an airtight container so that it can last longer) But seriously, imagine all the money you spend on coffee in the morning at Starbucks, or Toast, or Narvesen. Add that up and then come to me complaining about the price.

A box lasts me approximately a month, depending on the amount of energy I have, so I would call this a bargain!

You can buy Matcha online here, Teavana (US), and Palais Des Thes (Europe) and other specialty tea stores.

This is eye candy!
Pure eye-candy!
Matcha served using a traditional japanese bamboo spoon
Matcha served using a traditional japanese bamboo spoon

Matcha Green Tea in Teacup


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