Fall Staples and Inspiration

I’ve had too much time on my hands this weekend. Or I’m awful and prioritizing… Perhaps the former ;) Winter is coming quickly, something I realized today with horrible sunday weather and darkness. Well, like Norwegians say “its not the weather thats poor, its the clothing.” Its fine though, if I have my warm cashmere sweaters and tea I can brave all horrible weather! Unfortunately all warm clothing is expensive, and the cheaper acrylic and synthetic clothes don’t keep you warm at all. So I will dream of the day when I have enough money to buy all of this :D

I  discovered something amazing today: Christian Louboutin shoes. I am literally drooling all over my keyboard… Hopefully I’ll be able to save up enough to invest in a pair of black pumps. Having flatfoot makes wearing heels incredibly difficult and painful, and so I’m hoping that a pair of quality shoes will be less painful. Ah, what we girls suffer :/ I’m looking for a new backpack- no, not Jansport. Never Jansport. I found this cute one below from Kara, but am still looking for something more affordable.



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