Southern Africa Day 2

Day Two: Driving from Erindi to Etosha Village


The second day started out early with a game drive at 6:30. The temperatures were still low but the wildlife was active. Daniel took these magical shots of Impalas drenched in golden sunlight.DSCF7513




Daniel looking like a national geographic photographer :)



Jeremia found a giant bird’s nest by the side of the road, and showed us two snakes coiled up in hibernation inside. He explained that once their hibernation period is over they wake up and eat the bird eggs in the nest.



For a while we drove around tracking lions. After 30 minutes we found them lying by a dried riverbed, and although the car was only a few meters away, the lions seemed untouched. IMG_2292



We had been very lucky with seeing lions, and as the morning progressed, so did our luck. On the reserve lives an exceptionally rare bird: the [Yellow] Red Crimson Breasted Shrike. The breast of these birds is red, but due to a genetic mutation this bird has a yellow breast. According to Jeremia, these birds are one in a million. IMG_2299

At 11:10 we started driving towards Etosha Village. On the way we spooked an ostrich and inadvertantly made it swerve two meters in front of the car. We “chased” it until it jumped across the road on the other side. Soon after we saw a warthog family crossing the road: a mother, her three babies, and the father in a single-file line.IMG_2462IMG_2277



The Erindi Lodge was incredibly charming and luxurious. The pictures on the wall are hung up in the dining room, and what you cant see is that there was a large fireplace in the middle of the room heating the frozen air in the morning.

We finally arrived in Etosha Village at 15:00. The hotel can in many ways be compared to luxury camping; permanent tents with large and great beds and outside showers. Although the outdoor showers were cold I felt very “close to nature.” This hotel was quite different from Erindi, but it had a certain charm and quirk that I liked. The staff were very honest, and the following day after having driven half way into the Etosha Pan, the hotel called and informed us that we had forgotten all our cash in the safe :O

Before dinner and sundown us girls got pool and reading time, while the guys got football and bar time. The food was delicious and we got to try our first game meat; Kudu and Impala. The restaurant was a round building with an open roof and bonfire in the middle. In general, a very cozy and honest place with a good concept.DSCF7629


2 thoughts on “Southern Africa Day 2

  1. Marta

    THis is so coool……… i loooooove your pictures…… btw where did you get the car did you bring it with you or what?

    • Nora Nord

      We actually borrowed the car from a friend who lives in Namibia. We’re driving to Mozambique, and from there he drives it back. But if you’re interested in doing this you could also rent a car.

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