Pt 4: Sevilla and Ronda

Sevilla is a beautiful city with history around every narrow street corner. We spent two days here meandering through the old town and of course visiting all the tourist attractions. Oh, and eating lots of delicious tapas (check out my instagram). You probably recognize the hat I’m wearing, and let me tell you, it is the best thing I own. Well done Acne x Borsalino for creating such a versatile and timeless piece. The hat reinterprets the classic Italian Panama hat with a dose of modern style. I love that it takes the style to the next level with the oversized brim, oversized ribbon, and painted edge. Whether you pair it with a leather jacket or white maxi dress, the hat just seems to be the perfect accessory thanks to Acne’s minimal-modern aesthetic and Borsalino’s elegant luxury.

While in Sevilla a trip to the Alcazar and Cathedral are musts. In the Alcazar we saw Arab elements (created by Arabs for Christian kings) throughout the buildings, and you will probably notice this  in the elaborate ceilings and doorways. Afterwards a guide took us to the Cathedral.After walking around in the mammoth chambers I could empathize with ants living in our world- the ceiling is 50 meters high! While the Cathedral is built on mosque foundations, an original Arab tower still remains. We walked up the tower to get a view of Sevilla but the best part was actually looking down on the cathedral and seeing the ornate roof and gardens below.

After spending two very hot days in Sevilla we took off once more for the tiny gorge town of Ronda. After arriving and checking in we went out for some local tapas. Daniel and I decided to part ways with my family and went on a long walk that would eventually lead us to the bottom of the gorge. Ronda was originally Roman, but after the inquisition (and many many years) it was taken over by a Spaniards. More recently it was also the birthplace of modern Spanish bullfighting- which I completely disagree with by the way. Daniel and I had the unpleasant experience of watching a bullfight on TV one night. The aim is for the matador to spear the bull in the back again and again and again until it dies. I can’t call it anything other than animal cruelty.

On another, more positive note, Ronda is a very cute town. While there isn’t much to do there in general, the hike down to the gorge is worth a visit. After walking a while we found old roman ruins. From the look of it, it was a watchtower and walls. Further down we trekked down the most challenging path, climbing over roots, rocks, and jumping over wide gaps above gushing water. Let me note that I had forgotten to wear sneakers so I was running around in heeled sandals. Smart, huh? We walked through abandoned houses and caves, a broken aqueduct pipe, and ducked beneath dense vegetation. After finally reaching the river we climbed above boulders and wade in the icy water to reach our (then unknown) destination. And it was worth it.

We eventually came to the bottom of a magical waterfall you see here. Along the river there was a lot of algae, but here the water was clear and blue. Some locals had already beat us to the spot and were enjoying the afternoon sun and cold water, but we didn’t think twice about jumping into the water. Although its a clique- and religious, the pool felt like a piece of heaven, a sip of water after being quenched.

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Michael Kors



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