Pt 3: Granada

After 6 long and relaxing days in Nerja we drove to Grenada, the moorish capital of Spain. We stayed at an incredible hotel that had previously been a palace. We were upgraded to the grand suite on the top floor, and I am serious when I say I could have been there all day long. The entire palace has been renovated in a fusion of Arab and minimalistic design.


1161.gran-suite-patos-0006This picture of the room doesn’t really do it justice but this is the best one I could find.

1169.presidencial-patos-0011My parents were upgraded to the Presidential Suite. I have never seen such a beautiful room.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Hospes Palacio de los PatosI felt like a princess in this room so I insisted on getting my picture taken on the chairs by the window. Thanks Daniel C:_MG_2290-2_MG_2296 _MG_2299 _MG_2306 Alhambra_Granada_desde_AlbaicinThe Alhambra seen from afar is a truly spectacular sight. Its multitude of palaces and gardens form a structure that looks like one single palace. Its also breathtaking to imagine the history that has happened inside its walls.  The Alhambra was a palace, a fortress and a citadel; the residence of the Nasrid Sultans and top government officials, court servants and the royal guard. In 1492 the Spanish Monarchy, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand conquered the city through encirclement.

DSCF7157 DSCF7154138033962_de64878369_o_MG_2351IMG_1842 IMG_1844 IMG_1839 IMG_1841

Ps. Thank you Daniel for taking and editing these :) You are the best.

 _MG_2352 _MG_2353


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