España pt 2 : Nerja, La Herredura, and Frigiliana

The second leg of your trip was from Alicante to Nerja, a beautiful coastal town. We stopped at Fort Bravo on our way, and got to experience the original film set used in “The good, the bad, and the ugly.” I almost felt like a real cowboy.

Upon our arrival my shoulders relaxed and my lips curved into a wide smile. The city is made up of a myriad of white houses that border on cliff and beach. The Balcon de Europa where we were staying was nicely situated on- surprise- the Balcon de Europa, a platform jutting out over the sea. The hotel had a wonderful petite private beach that was enclosed by pieces of  rock that had split from the mountain. The sea was warm, the food delicious, and the air breezy.

My favorite part of Nerja was the ocean. By the afternoon the waves grew and became towering elements of power. We bought floaty rings (yes, we still do this) and surfed the waves! Funny thing was we were actually able to ride the waves to the shore. It wasn’t exactly like surfing, but I still got that surge of adrenaline every time a large wave broke on top of me.

The downside to Nerja is the people it attracts. Hate me for saying this, but most of the people were either retired or british. Not that I have anything against these people, but honestly- I’m in Spain, not in England, I want to see more Spanish people. Also, these old people got drunk often, and that is a sight I would rather not see. Unfortunately I can’t change the tourists, but this was just one flaw in the place.

While we were in Nerja we took day trips to Frigiliana and la Herredura. At the latter we dived and ate fresh fish, and let me tell you, it was the best fish I have ever eaten; beautiful scales, fresh, and completely delicious. Who needs gourmet restaurants when you have fresh fish?

IMG_0767IMG_0765IMG_0750IMG_0795-2IMG_1718IMG_0822IMG_0824IMG_0836IMG_0831IMG_0847IMG_0848_MG_2268_MG_2266This last picture and several others were taken by my skilled mom.

Yellow dress: Juicy Couture, Knitted Top: Bik Bok, Bathing suit: Wolford


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