España pt 1

Our first stop in Spain was hotel Montiboli in Villajoyosa, near Alicante. We stayed there for 3 days to soak in sun, eat good food, and visit Altea. Daniel and I had a tiny shock when we walked out on our terrace to find a nude beach beneath it. Who knew that old men were so fond of “naturalist beaches”… On the positive side, we had our best meal in Villajoyosa and got to experience Saint Juan’s with the locals. At 12 o’clock we dipped our feet in the sea as a token for good luck and meandered through and around the bonfires on the beach. The last pictures are taken in the beautiful old town of Altea. Despite its way too large Norwegian population, Altea still has many wonderful things to offer. Food, wine, sun, and architecture are its strengths. In all, a great 3 days!


Hat: Acne, Dress: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Sam Edelman


IMG_0684-2The colorful beach houses in Villajoyosa



A very very “mini” cooper





In Altea



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