Siena, once upon a time

Far far away from here (and now) Daniel and I were in Siena. I will pretend like I’m still there by looking at these pictures. The food, smells, taste, and Daniel. Wonderful…  In four days I have exams, so you can imagine that I am stressing out. Lets just say that me and stress don’t mix well. I become a jumble of nerves and emotions, and it is advised to stay at least 5 meters away at all times. Okay, I’m joking, but I do tend to become very unstable. After a long day of studying I deserve a break, so here I am, showing you, whom ever you may be, the wonderful Tuscan city of Siena. Enjoy!
imageDress: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Anna sui. Sitting on the steps leading up to the DuomoDSCF3755Stumbled upon this beautiful church as we were finding our lunch restaurant.DSCF3764Had this wonderful meal at “Tre Cristi,” the best if not only seafood restaurant in Tuscany. Service- impeccable, location, well its Siena… and food – exquisite. DSCF3767DSCF3759DSCF3770 DSCF3771DSCF3818We used this tiny little map from our Lonely Planet book to find our way in both Florence and Siena. At the end of the trip it was falling apart. Daniel looked so cute, could not help sharing this picture :)DSCF3820
DSCF3779The famous Il Campo DSCF3786Taking a break to sit down at the il campo and enjoy people watching and home-made gelato.DSCF3797Perfumes lined up at the tiny perfume shop I’ve been writing so much about. Hands down, best find in Siena.DSCF3826It may seem odd that I’m sharing this picture, but take a look at the man and the dog. They are identical! I realize this often- owner and dog look alike. Here is proof to my theory!DSCF3806
Stunning, stunning architecture. 

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