New room, New Attitude

“The sea breeze gently brushing the ocean waves, with aromas from the Mediterranean shrubs. The tingling fragrance of the salty foam, the sunlit reflections of citrus fruits, the golden rays of the sun on a glimmering sea.”

This describes my newest perfume (to the left) “Mare Norstrum Aura Maris” by Lorenzo Villoresi. He is from Florence and creates beautiful unique fragrances; Daniel and I found this in a tiny exclusive shop in Siena. This perfume smells like emerging out of the Mediterranean Sea: Citrus, Salt, and Sun. It is perfect for my delicate nose, and is rich and highly complex. This is certainly no ordinary perfume.


Pillows from Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild. I was lucky enough to find this beautiful pillow with “Hotel du Nord” sewn unto the bottom corner. My new room is perfect: White, simple, and clean. Beautiful details from my perfume collection, roses, and jewelry stand create the perfect aura, and windows stretching across my room gives me the perfect view. I feel refreshed and ready to work- new room, new attitude.


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