What do I love most about Florence?  I have to say the ambience. Just being there gives me historical shivers. The city radiates a certain godliness- this coming from an atheist- that could almost make me spiritual. And the wine. Let’s not forget the wine! It is the perfect city for romance, and a stroll on the old bridges, linked hand in hand, at night makes for the perfect place to look over the river Arno. Thank you so much Daniel for making this dream vacation come true. I will certainly be coming back to this wonderful city. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the pictures!

imageSkirt: Zara, Shirt: HM, Watch: Burberry, Necklace: Bik Bokimage-8image-2 image-4Just because I can’t stop loving this bag
image-6The architecture in the back is worth a look! shirt: Zara, skirt: Club Monaco, Sunglasses: Daniel’s
image-11Seeing as I had limited baggage space, you will see these two bags reappearing in every outfit ;)image-9Enjoying the sun over the river Arno. image-10Dress: Zara, Bag: vintage, Watch: Burberry, shoes: Sam Edelman

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