287352  This crop top and high waisted white pants could not look better together. Want…286580_1280Clothes from Swedish Brand Patouf, AW 2013. Adoring the cape.286599_1280When I find these shoes, they are going to be miiiiine. So crazy and unique, but also the perfect fall staple. 10E131-003_A_17175_2Acne, be mine. These pants are perfect for summer. Light fabric and open at the feet to show off your glamorous sandals.1AE131-J83_A_413_1These pants are another favorite. They’re a bit too pricey for my budget, but I can’t help to admire. The white leather creates the slimness, and the flare at the bottom adds a spark to any outfit. Find them -> here


3 thoughts on “Craving…

    • Nora Nord

      I love your design esthetic and I’m looking forwards to more great clothes! Can I order the shoes online (I live in Norway), and how much is it for the “cape” dress and shoes? – Nora :)

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