Am I obsessed with college?

Maybe. Do I have multiple dreams about it? Yes. And there I have my answer, I am obsessed with the idea of college. But honestly, who doesnt want to get away every now and again?

I imagine myself in a big city like New York or Boston where I can wear beautiful things: silk blouses, maxi dresses, neon skirts, and beautiful coats everyday. I’ll visit art galleries, go to parties, openings, and make lots of new friends. I’ll study what I like and do away with everything thats boring and mundane.

Last fall I visited 15 schools with my mom on the East Coast. The trip was only a week, so you can imagine the fast pace of it all. It was exhilarating!

Enjoying a wonderful soya cuppuccino in New York- speaking of wonderful things ;)
Enjoying a wonderful soya cuppuccino in New York- speaking of wonderful things ;)

Decision time: Its that time of  the year when replies from schools start streaming back to anxious seniors. “Did I get in? Have I made it?” In many ways our next four years are formed by these answers. Next year I’ll be running around like a headless chicken, unsure of what to do with myself. I don’t always handle stress well…

Checking out Princeton. haha
Visiting Princeton; Shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Paige

The whole concept of growing up is weird. One second you’re wishing you were 10 years old, then 18, and before you know it you would give anything just to be 25 again (at least thats what they all say)

Its all so fast that by the time I look past my shoulder a year has past, and then five. Its weird because I can be nostalgic but at the same time think that everyday is long and tedious. Sometimes I want life to speed up and get to all the “good stuff” by eradicating routine and being free. In many ways I want high school to end so I can “get going” with my life.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 9.29.45 AM
Visit to Boston College this fall; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jacket & watch: Burberry

In the end though “Jeg er min egen lykkes smed” a Norwegian proverb that means “I forge my own happiness.”

With that clever knowledge in mind, I’m going to go enjoy the day, be happy about where I am, and remind myself that I have a loving family, boyfriend, and that I’m going to INDIA tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Obsessed?

  1. Naazneen Fatima

    WOW Nora!!!!!! Incredibly fantastic work!!! I’m truly impressed!!!! Keep it up and good luck for your trip to India !!! Missing ya!!
    With warm wishes,
    Naazneen Fatima ( GYLC – USA 2012 – Japan Group )

  2. nishadsanzagiri

    I love this. Especially because I’m right now done with my college search, and finally narrowing down on the ones I got accepted in. It’s been a wonderful journey.

    Also, all the best for your trip to India :)

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